Foundation of world-transformation is self-transformation. “When we change, the world changes” but to have positive change on our life we need to have the knowledge of self. Body-consciousness is the root cause of all evils in the world. We all are souls, not the body nor the mind. Soul is immortal and eternal while our body is not.

The intrinsic nature of the soul is love, peace, happiness, truth, bliss, purity and power. Therefore, souls always desire for experiences of these qualities. To regain these qualities we need to have the real identity of God, the supreme father of all souls. He is oceanic in his virtues – the ocean of peace, the ocean of love, the ocean of bliss, the ocean of knowledge, the ocean of happiness, the ocean of mercy and so on.

He is the truth. He is the Almighty and Authority. He is reputed to be the preserver or sustainer of virtues and the destroyer of all evils. We can establish connection with Him through thoughts during meditation. The mental connection between the soul and Supreme Soul or the remembrance of the Supreme Soul by the soul is called meditation or Raj Yoga. Meditation enables us to create positive attitudes and responses to life, giving a clear spiritual understanding.

Since last 33 years, Brahma Kumaris, Pokhara has been striving to establish a value-based society with its various programmes comprising from Workshops on Positive Thinking to Stress Management to many life skills training to a variety of audience.

So, it is my pleasure to welcome and help you to benefit from our programs from any of our centres within your reach.
Om Shanti!

In Godly service,
B.K. Parinita
Brahma Kumaris Nepal