Today, even though the world has entered a digital era where Science has facilitated everything that we could ever imagine, Humanity is preparing to extinct from the whole humankind. With the increase in more opportunities, more riches and unlimited prospects of interests, the society is lagging behind from its social form. Amid the rush and run to fulfill our wants and desires, we have actually forgotten the basic facts and principles of our lives.
Realizing the need to awaken the mankind to its purest and original form, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is continuously working hard to set up norms and values in the world from last 78 years. Continuing the same tradition, Brahma Kumaris Pokhara has carried out different programs targeted to various age-groups and professionals.

As part of its services to community, it is my great privilege to introduce you with the new web-portal ‘’. We believe that this will add invaluable contributions to our objectives and motives by helping you to get more close to us and our activities.
With Divine Wishes

In Godly Service,
B.K. Shailesh Raj Baral
General Secretary
Brahma Kumaris Nepal